Bikkers Bikkers


In his nearly 40 years as a professional artist, Rudolf Bikkers has never suffered from a lack of ideas.  His vast output in painting and in all the print media­ – lithography in particular – bears witness to this.  A proud parent, he has encouraged the development of the unique artistic talents both his son and daughter displayed from an early age.  At this point in their joint history, it seemed an exciting idea to incorporate the specific contributions of all three in a creative project for the summer of 2003.


image003Anouk Bikkers, who has inherited her father’s love of lithography and the more traditional methods of visual expression, provided the inspiration for the project with her images of animals.  She produced six lithographs, portraying animals in her very own, vividly lifelike style.  Each of these then formed the basis for a translation into abstraction by Rudolf.  Although Tibor Bikkers has worked in the various print media as well, his preferred method of expression is via the computer, and these skills were an essential contribution to the promotional part of the project.In total an edition of fifty lithograph’s where printed from the famed Bavarian limestone.18 sets of six are still available and a small number of individual prints, signed and numbered.

Anouk loves all animals and is a passionate animal rights activist.