Shostakovich Quintet

Shostakovich Quintet Portfolio

image001In 1972 Dmitri Shostakovich’s Piano quintet in G minor provided the inspiration for my portfolio of five multi-coloured screen prints, in an edition of one hundred and fifty, titled prelude, fugue, scherzo, intermezzo and finale.  Upon completion I sent one set to Mr. Shostakovich in Moscow and he graciously thanked me in a hand written letter.


Over the years my appreciation and understanding of this exquisite music has grown to the point that I decided to visit it in a visual way again in 1994. Although spontaneous and direct, the screen printing process alone lacks the depth and warmth that the addition of (stone) lithography provides.  The combination of both media so much better expresses the richness of the music.  This time the edition is a very limited fifty sets of five prints. 21 Sets and a small number of individual lithographs are still available, each signed and numbered.  They are also are permanently on display in the “green room” at Koerner Hall in Toronto.